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Frequently Asked Questions

What nationalities are permitted to purchase a property?

Turkey has a reciprocal agreement fort he purchase of land and properties with the following countries; Nederland, Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, France and some other African and South American states.

Will the property be freehold?

Yes, all properties we sell are we refer to as freehold.

Do I need a resident`s visa to buy a property?

No. This is only required if you want to stay longer than three months, or wish to have a phone or buy a car. Only for Danish people 6-th month permit is obligatory.

Are there any restrictions for foreigners purchasing property in Turkey?

Only in rural areas and military zones. There should be no restrictions imposed on the properties on our Hjempage.

What documents are required?

Your passport(s) which will be copied and translated into Turkish and passport sized photographs. The notary public office which work in conjunction with the title deeds office and the Military. All the translated documents will be checked by the army to ensure there is no record of criminal intent or activity against Turkey and that any property being purchased by a foreigner is not within the proximity to or intended to be used for military purposes.

How to buy?

Firstly you have to apply to the local land registry office who will carry the necessary Søges and checks after which they will transfer the Title deed to the new owner. A solicitor or notary is not required in Turkey as the land registry office performs these duties. Buyer and seller must both go to the land registry office and sign in person. It is possible for a third party to buy the property by power of attorney which must be notarized. The land registry office then issues a Tapu (Title deed) as proof of ownership to the buyer. During the purchasing works we can provide local assistance and do all official works on your behalf. Before making a payment For a property in Turkey we can provide local assistance in resolving the following points. We check that there are no existing debts on the property. We make sure ıf the property belongs to the seller. We search and make sure that the property does not have any outstanding mortgage or any long term rental contract. We will give you full information about the type and location of the property and will make sure that it is not located within the official boundaries of municipalty.

What is the time scale to complete the purchase of property in Turkey?

It does not normally take more than 2-3 months. You do not have to be there, if you issue your chosen solicitor with the Power of Attorney. By Turkish law you or your representative (solicitor with a power of Attorney) would have to be present at the Registry on exchange of the title deeds.

After I have received the necessary permission to purchase, what happens next?

Your lawyer should carry out the pre-completion checks. Following this, you (or your Power of Attorney) will sign a deed of transfer in front of an officer at the Land Registry Office, who then records you as the official owner of the property. The property tax is paid at this stage.

What additional costs are there in relation to the purchase?

You will pay stamp duty, legal fees, wealth tax and purchase tax.

Is there any good range of banks and are they English speaking?

There are many banks where English is widely spoken. It is easy to open a bank account and you can have both Turkish and other currency accounts.