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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work there?

Yes, you can but you must obtain a work permit first.

Furnishing a property in Turkey?

Furniture is generally cheap, and can be custom made by local craftsmen if required. It is possible to buy in most towns at very competitive rates, with a wide range of goods. Electrical items are less expensive than in England. Towels and linen are cheaper than Europe, however, household goods are extremely cheap and can be purchased at the local markets.

What is the weather like?

Turkey has seasons with almost 300 sunny days on the Mediterranean Coast. In winter, you will find the temperatures by the south coast ranging from 5-15 degrees Celsius, in spring it warms up to 25. The summer is usually dry and hot from May to September peaking up to 37 degrees, cooling again towards Autumn back down to 25-15 degrees.

What should I expect to pay as community fees?

This can vary from one property to another. Your lawyer should look into this for you.

What about paying for energy and water supplies if my main Hjem is not in Turkey?

The easiest way to pay for your electricity is by direct debits via a bank in Turkey, which we help you in advance by obtaining a tax number and setting up a bank account on your name. All water bills however, are paid directly to Town Hall.

Can I rent out my property?

Yes.The main season is from April to October but you will still be able to rent it out over the winter season at lower rates.At the high summer season you can expect more than a reasonable return.

Is it necessary to learn the language?

No, but as it is everywhere in the world, it brings advantage.

What about the healthcare in terms of the standards and costs?

The standards are generally very good. All foreigners have to pay for medical treatment and there are reciprocal private health plans available and aceptable in the private hospitals.You can purchase a health insurance plan in Turkey up to the age of 55.

How does the general cost of living compare to Europe?

Fresh produce is great value for money. You will find most items up to 50 % cheaper than in Europe with elctrical items being the most expensive.

What is the government system in the country?

It is democratically elected as in Europe. Turkey is also one of the 5 permanent members of NATO.