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Investment Consultancy
Yegin Group properties also offer a property and area consultancy service. Whether you purchase a property from us, or not, a company or individual, you can take advantage of our local and area knowledge. We can advise you in the selling process and the market value, renting and the rental market, including service charges, taxes and utilities. Please contact us for further information.
Expertise Service
Should you wish to know the value of a property, whether you wish to sell or buy, we offer a valuation service and can advise of the realistic market value. This will take into account the property style and condition, area and amenities.
Legal Consulting
We have legal consultants that are able to assist should you have any problems with developers, land ownership, tax issues, legal issues or queries of any kind.
Portfolio Management
Yegin Group Properties have the knowledge and expertise to manage your property portfolio on your behalf. By way of Power of Attorney we can purchase, sell and carry out all the necessary administration for you. In addition, we can rent out your properties along with all relevant duties this entails.
Buying and Selling Intermediary Services
Yegin Group Properties can mediate between the purchaser and vendor of properties like house, business, land etc. in general property market to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.
Property Maintenance and Repair
We are working with professional firms to make necessary maintenance, repairs and decoration services of houses as required to your specification. We respond to your every requirement from insulation, concrete reinforced, plumbing, electric wiring, furniture and decoration and we present you the most economic solutions.
Renting Intermediary Services
Should you wish to rent out your property, we are able to do this for you. Our service includes finding a Client, inventory and arranging the cleaning and payment of utilities. Our service prices have been administered as % 12 + VAT from rental according to 1 year hire purchase of the property that will be hired.
Site/Building Management
This is the service of carrying out all management functions for one or more buildings comprising Independent Sections with Property Ownership by means of an authorization by the Board of property Owners. Our Service Charge in this service category is determined individually according to the criteria such as the number of independent sections, average size of budget, number of staff, etc.