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Property Buying Procedures

Property buying procedure in Turkey

  1. We have tried to simplify the process here but when you have made a decision to buy, we will talk you through each step in detail. The buying procedure has become much more simpler than most western countries in the last couple of years. Buying property in Turkey is not only to buy a property in the sun but even an excellent future Invistere as well. Foreigners may purchase land and property in Turkey in their own name.
  2. As soon as you have decided to buy a property, you will be required to pay 3.000 - 5.000 Euros as deposit after signing a sales contract. This amount has to be completed to 100 % of the total sum in second hand properties when you return back to your Hjem country.
  3. You will be required to give a copy of your passport and 2 passport size photos to let us start the official paperwork.
  4. The copies of your passport, the title deed and the other official papers showing the location of the property will all be sent to Army Headquarters in Izmir to be checked that the property is not within a military zone. ( This process takes 2 - 4 weeks ) At this stage you will be required to pay legal taxes, expenses and agent's fee. You should budget around 2 - 3 % of the purchase price for this expenditure.
  5. You are required to get a tax number and also set up a bank account as this is the best way to transfer funds both in and out of the country and also is ideal for arranging direct debits for utility services, insurance, etc.
  6. Please make sure that when transferring funds to purchase a property, you have to put your full name as sender on the Bank Transfer Documents.
  7. You have two choices to have the official steps work properly.Either give a Power Of Attorney to a Lawyer / Solicitor ( which will cost you extra about 1 % of the property value ) or to Yegin Group Properties ( no extra charge ) in order to follow the legal and financial paperwork on your behalf.
  8. When all the papers return back, we will transfer the Title Deed on to your name.
  9. Yegin Group Real Estate Investment Co. offers properties which suit every budget. Our team is ready to help you with all the formalities at every stage of purchase. To purchase a property through Yegin Group Properties. in Turkey makes purchasing easy and risk-free. Don't hesitate because a hassle - free and comprehensive service is awaiting you at Yegin Group Properties.